“These logs are excellent, burn at high temperatures, give far more heat off then any other logs we have bought before. This is the 2nd purchase, and the change to the crate this year was much appreciated” – J. Northrop

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Less Moisture For More Heat & Protection For Your Stove

When buying logs for wood burning stoves, the two significant factors which affect the amount of heat output and how long they burn are the moisture content and wood density.

Birch, Ash and Oak logs are dense hardwood logs, providing a significantly longer burn than softwood species.

The moisture content of your logs largely dictate the heat generated, followed by the species; the lower the moisture, the more kilowatt hours with cleaner, more efficient fires that require fewer logs.

Spend more time enjoying your stove with easy to light fires

Kiln dried logs that are rushed through short drying cycles to save on production costs and naturally seasoned logs often still contain a significant amount of water, can be difficult to light and will produce far less heat than kiln dried logs that have gone through a carefully managed kiln drying schedule – over time, burning logs high in moisture will cause significant damage to your stove and flue lining, making them wholly inefficient as wood burning logs.

Often you will find firewood for sale locally from traditional sellers of seasoned logs require another few years to sufficiently dry out before even attempting to burn them.

Sadly this is common across the whole of the country, and we find the vast majority of our customers turn to us after being sold fresh, wet logs from local suppliers who simply aren’t able to keep up with demand.

All of our logs for sale spend an additional few days drying in the kiln to ensure they are thoroughly dry throughout.

Which Species Should You Choose?

  • Birch – Our new best seller – we recommend Birch for beginners and if you mainly use your stove for 2-3 hours in the evening and at weekends. Birch provides instant heat, bright lively flames and is by far the easiest hardwood to light
  • Ash – A popular species that offers longer burn times and is relatively easy to use. We recommend ash if you are using your stove for 4-5 hours per day.
  • Oak – We recommend Oak if you use your stove intensively throughout the day, as it will allow you to enjoy an extremely prolonged burn with more heat output than Ash

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