“These logs are excellent, burn at high temperatures, give far more heat off then any other logs we have bought before. This is the 2nd purchase, and the change to the crate this year was much appreciated” – J. Northrop

Less Than 15% Moisture for More Heat & Protection

When buying logs for wood burning stoves, the two significant factors which affect the amount of heat output and how long they burn are the moisture content and wood density.

Ash trees are amongst the denser of the hardwood species, giving ash logs a far longer burn time – significantly longer when compared to widely available birch logs, and twice the burn time of softwoods.

The moisture content of your logs dictate the heat generated – the lower the moisture, the more kilowatts per hour with cleaner, more efficient fires that require fewer logs.

Spend more time enjoying your stove with easy to light fires

Kiln dried logs dried to a poor standard and naturally seasoned logs can contain between 25-50% water, are difficult to light and produce far less heat than kiln dried logs that have gone through a carefully managed kiln drying schedule – over time, burning logs high in moisture will cause significant damage to your stove and flue lining, making them wholly inefficient as wood burning logs.

Often you will find firewood for sale locally from traditional sellers of seasoned logs require another few years to sufficiently dry out before even attempting to burn them.

Sadly this is common across the whole of the country, and we find the vast majority of our customers turn to us after being sold fresh, wet logs from local suppliers who simply aren’t able to keep up with demand, and unscrupulously sell firewood that simply isn’t ready to burn.

Not only are our logs kiln dried, but they spend an extra few days in the kiln

All of our logs for sale spend an extra few days in the kiln for an average moisture content of 15% guaranteed – the temperature is kept low to ensure the whole of each log is sufficiently dry, inside and out.

Rushing the drying process to save on production costs with excessive temperatures for shorter drying cycles causes stress to the surface structure of the logs, which may cause the appearance of cracked dry wood, but with high levels of moisture trapped internally.

Another reason we dry to 15% or less is that because ash hardwood logs are particularly dense, the additional 5% makes lighting your fire so much easier, with less smoke and no need to burn mixed loads or inferior softwoods to start and keep your fire burning.

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