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Woodsure Certified Logs – What Does This Mean?

Our kiln dried logs are Warmsure Certified

Today we received our Ready To Burn Certificate of Approval from Woodsure who are part of HETAS – confirming the sample of logs they tested from us were less than 20% moisture.

In fact, the batch they selected at random when put through the oven dry method of moisture testing came out with an average of less than 11%. This is the most accurate method of determining moisture content.

It’s important to point out that our logs have always been less than 20% moisture due to the automatic kilns used to produce them – it is practically impossible for any to fall outside of these parameters.

However, we do realize that as users are becoming increasingly educated on the benefits of kiln dried logs and with the Woodsure certification becoming an industry standard that provides consumers with the confidence in the quality of firewood they are buying, we felt it important to be a part of the Woodsure scheme.

Thank you for your time and if you wish to read more about Woodsure please visit their website below:

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— Peter
Logs For Sale Ltd