New Product – Birch & Oak Extra Large Crate

With winter 2017 just around the corner, we are excited to announce a new product – an Extra Large Crate containing a 50/50 mixture of birch and oak logs

Birch Oak MixWe simply stack one of our small birch crates on top of an oak crate – an excellent combination commonly requested by customers, now offered as standard as an option on our extra large crate product page.

Burning birch with oak is the ultimate combination – beautiful flames, incredibly high heat output and long sustained fires.

Both species smell wonderful when burned in combination and it’s a great opportunity to experiment with both species, especially if you are used to only burning ash logs.

The volume of this product is 2.56m3 as opposed to 2.7m3 like our standard extra large crates, though the additional kilojules and energy contained in this combination makes the price exceptional value.

Click here to visit our extra large crate product page.