Extra Large Log Store

£320.00 £285.00 Free Nationwide Delivery

The perfect large log store for kiln dried logs

Made in the UK and built to last using high quality, pressure treated tanalised timber with thick boards, our extra large log store is ideal for storing kiln dried logs outside.

The ship-lap roof and all natural wood throughout is what makes our log stores unique – unlike cheaper constructed roofs and stores made from feather edge boards which warp and degrade over time, our roof is constructed from interlocking boards, which are completely airtight and cannot warp.

Click here to see the ship-lap roof construction in detail.

Rain simply glides off the roof away from your logs and the fully vented back and sides ensures any surface rain simply evaporates off the logs, meaning no need to worry about an increase in moisture content and completely avoiding damp and mold growth.

The log store comes flat pack with simple instructions and can be easily assembled in under 15 minutes.

The bottom, sides and roof are all pre-constructed – all you need to do is screw the sides together, then in to the base and nail the rear boards on to hold it all together.

Simple instructions plus screws and nails are provided.

Dimensions: 2000mm (H) x 1200mm (W) x 1000mm (D)

As the UK’s leading supplier of premium kiln dried logs, we are in a unique position that enables you to purchase your logs at the same time as your log store, with them all arriving together.

Please note, our extra large log store can only be purchased with our logs – it is best purchase with the following products:

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