Safety Essentials Pack – Stove Thermometer & Safety Gloves

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Essential safety items for any stove user

Included in this pack:

  • Stove Thermometer
  • Safety Rated Stove Gloves
  • Advice Booklet On Burning Your Logs Efficiently And Avoiding Creosote Build-up

To operate your stove safely, efficiently and economically it is crucial you know the operating flue pipe temperature.

A low temperature risks incomplete combustion causing creosote build up, while running your stove too hot wastes your logs.

Our magnetic stove thermometer will let you know if you need to add more or less fuel and whether to reduce or increase oxygen supply, ensuring you are burning within the safe optimal range. Simply place it approximately 15cm above the top of your stove on your flue pipe.

The safety rated heat resistant log burner gloves will protect your hands and allow time to carefully place logs on your fire, rather than quickly throwing your logs on collapsing or degrading the integrity of your fire causing sudden drops in temperature.

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