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When buying logs for your wood burning stove, the two most significant factors which affect the heat output and how long they burn are the moisture content and wood species.

Moisture Content Kiln Dried LogsOur company was founded in response to the lack of dry, quality hardwood logs for sale nationwide.

With a focus on quality and our dedicated day delivery service to match, we now supply over 10,000 customers each year across the UK.

Typically firewood for sale locally from traditional sellers requires another few years to sufficiently dry out before being ready to burn, resulting in miserable fires that smoulder and produce very little heat.

Sadly this is common across the whole of the country, and we find the vast majority of customers turn to us after being sold semi-seasoned or fresh, wet logs from local suppliers who simply aren’t able to keep up with demand.

Kiln Dried Logs Produce More Efficient Fires That Require Fewer Logs

Good quality kiln dried logs that are low in moisture are essential for safe and efficient combustion of your wood-burning stove, as the moisture content dictates the heat output and calorific value of your logs.

The lower the moisture, the more kilowatts produced with cleaner, more efficient fires that require fewer logs, making your fires much easier to light and maintain.

All of our kiln dried logs are dried between 10-20% moisture content and contain at least twice the energy than seasoned logs – this means despite the higher premium for kiln dried wood, essentially you are paying the same per unit of energy, with a much more safe and efficient product.

Carefully Managed Drying Cycles Ensures Consistently Dried Logs

With an operator closely monitoring the internal temperature and humidity levels within the kiln, by using modern controls fine adjustments are made during the drying cycle to ensure your logs are thoroughly dried and ready to burn.

Which Species Should You Choose?

Our Birch, Ash and Oak logs are dense kiln dried hardwood logs from slow growing deciduous trees, providing significantly longer burn times than softwoods.

We recommend choosing the species which best suits your daily usage – listed below in order of density.

  • Economy Hardwoods – a various mixture of hardwoods that burn well but are more readily available than Ash or Oak, making this option a great economy choice. This option may include 1-4 different hardwood species depending on availability
  • Birch – Recommended for modern stoves. We strongly suggest Birch if you own a modern stove with an air control vent and plan on burning for 2-3 hours in the evening and at the weekend. Birch provides instant heat that warms your home quicker, beautiful lively flames and is by far the easiest hardwood to use; simply reduce the airflow for a longer sustained fire
  • Ash – A popular species that offers longer burn times and is relatively easy to use. We recommend ash if you are using your stove for 4-5 hours per day
  • Oak – We recommend Oak if you use your stove intensively throughout the day, as it will allow you to enjoy an extremely prolonged burn with more heat output than Ash

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