Wholesale Logs in Nets – Single Pallets to Full Lorry Loads

Avoid the quality and financial risk of buying overseas

If you’re looking to purchase wholesale logs in nets, we can supply you with kiln dried ash, oak and birch logs – ensuring you can easily calculate your margins when re-selling to your customers.

We hold stock of our log nets all year round for immediate dispatch and can supply from a single pallet to full artic loads of bulk wholesale logs.


  • Quantity: 90 nets per pallet
  • Size & Weight per net: 30L – 10-12kg (approximate)
  • Log Length: 25cm (9-10″)
  • Filled Net Dimensions: 50cm L x 25cm W x 20cm D (approximate)
  • Moisture Content: 20% or less – Certified by Woodsure
  • Species: Birch, Ash and Oak
  • Suggested Retail Price: £6.00-£8.00
Price per net excluding VAT
*VAT charged at 20% if re-selling or 5% if burning domestically as per HMRC
1 Pallet
90 Nets
2 Pallets
180 Nets
5 Pallets
450 Nets
24 Pallets
2640 Nets
Ash £5.10/net £5.00/net £4.95/net £4.90/net
Oak £4.60/net £4.50/net £4.45/net £4.40/net
Birch £4.10/net £4.00/net £3.95/net £3.90/net

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