Wholesale Kindling – Single Pallets to Full Lorry Loads

Extremely clean and kiln dried between 10-15% moisture, our wholesale kindling is ideal if you are looking to buy kindling in bulk to re-sell to your customers.

We are confident you will not find kindling of this quality that’s ready to retail anywhere else in the UK – clean, consistently sized with minimal bark.

Buy from a single pallet up to full lorry loads of kindling for great bulk discounts – being a nationwide kindling supplier we always hold stock for immediate dispatch and can handle any small or large volume requirements all year round.

NETS  – Specifications:

  • Quantity: 266 nets (full pallet)
  • Weight per net: 2.5-3.0kg (approximate)
  • Length of sticks: 15cm (approximate)
  • Species: Softwood/Birch
Price per net excluding VAT
*VAT charged at 20% if re-selling or 5% if burning domestically as per HMRC
Half Pallet
133 Nets
1 Pallet
266 Nets
2 Pallets
532 Nets
5 Pallets
1330 Nets
£2.05/net £1.95/net £1.90/net £1.87/net

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