2m3 Kiln Dried Logs Crate

Kiln Dried Logs Extra Large Crate

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Over 35% more logs than many of our competitors large crates – with a larger footprint, our crate holds 4 rows of stacked logs rather than 3.


Our extra large kiln dried logs crate is the best value in terms of volume – the logs are stacked 4 rows deep and sized for all wood burning appliances.

The crate contains the equivalent of approximately 4 builders bags of logs, or 2.7m3 (cubic metres) of loose logs – this figure is based on multiplying the internal stacked volume of the logs with a multiplier of 1.7 – the industry standard for calculating the loose volume of logs from a stacked load. This is the main benefit of buying our stacked crates.

Note: Click here to see what the crate looks like when emptied loose into cages, demonstrating the huge difference between stacked and loose volumes.

We recommend the full crate for intensive use of wood burners throughout winter – one should last you the entire season.

If you will be emptying the crate and need somewhere to store your logs, we also recommend purchasing our extra large log store – specifically built to hold the volume of logs in our large crate.

Log length: 25cm (9-10″) – fits 95% of stoves
Log width: 2″ to 6″
Loose Volume: 2.7m3 or 2.56m3 if buying our Birch/Oak Mix
Moisture Content: 10-20% or less
Crate height: 1.6m
External Dimensions: 1150mm (W) x 1050mm (D)

Important Delivery Information: Delivery is performed by a nationwide pallet courier using a large tail-lift vehicle and pallet trolley. Please read our delivery section to ensure you fully understand the limitations before placing your order.

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