What Our 2m3 Kiln Dried Logs Crate Looks Like Loose

Our Large Extra Large Crate emptied in to two IBC cages to demonstrate the difference between stacked and loose volumes

The reason our kiln dried log crates are our best-selling product to users of wood burners and why we recommend buying our crates above our other products is because the difference between stacked vs loose firewood is huge – the basic formula is you multiply the stacked volume by 1.7 to find the equivalent loose volume.

The photo to the right is the result of us emptying our Extra Large Crate and throwing the logs loosely in to standard IBC cages to demonstrate just how much value you’re getting for your money when buying stacked crates.

Our customers are often shocked at the sheer volume of wood in our small and extra large crates when working their way through them – even the small crate goes a very long way and will see most casual users (evenings and weekends) through the entire season, without requiring a top up.

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