Do Kiln Dried Logs Burn Longer & Slower?

One of the main benefits of burning kiln dried logs is that they burn much longer and slower than seasoned and semi-seasoned logs.

This is because most seasoned logs with higher moisture content (above 25%) require you to keep your stove vents open to feed oxygen in to your stove to keep your fire burning – this is because much of the energy is being used to boil off water and thus not enough heat is being generated to sustain a decent fire – there is simply too much water in the logs.

Keeping your vents open to sustain a fire is very inefficient, burns through wood much faster and is not how stoves are designed to operate.

With kiln dried logs, because there’s so little moisture in them, once your fire is going you can completely close your vent down, meaning you don’t have to force induction of oxygen and speed the burn rate up – you can simply let the kiln dried wood burn effortlessly and much slower than regular seasoned logs.

In addition to this, hardwood logs burn much longer and slower than softwood species, therefore we always recommend burning kiln dried hardwood logs.

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