If you’re new to buying firewood logs in bulk or aren’t sure what the best options are for you, we’ve put together a quick guide to make things easier

– If you’ve recently had a stove installed or you’re new to buying kiln dried firewood

If you’re new to wood burning and aren’t sure how much you’ll need, it entirely depends upon how you intend to use your stove; for evening and weekend use, we would recommend our Small Crate – this ought to suffice for the entire winter season. Always remember, with kiln dried logs, less is more. Use 3-4 logs and a handful of kindling to get your fire going, and only feed 1-2 logs once the logs have broken down in to glowing embers – this is the most efficient and economical way of using your log burner.

If you intend on using your burner day and night, or more intensively, we recommend our Extra Large Crate – one should get you through the winter, however some of our customers with multiple stoves do go through 2 full crates per season with intensive use.

– If you’re used to buying seasoned “ton” bags

Generally speaking, a “ton” (or builders bag) is approximately 0.6m3 in volume. In comparison with our crated firewood, our Small Crate contains approximately 2 “ton” bags worth of logs and our Extra Large Crate is the equivalent to almost 4 “ton” bags! When you consider the fact our logs are kiln dried, it’s clear the value of crated firewood by far exceed loose-filled bags.

If you do prefer buying builders bags however, we do sell a loose-filled Builders Bag – the volume of the logs in our builders bag is approximately 0.7m3 – this is because we generously fill over the top of the bag.

– If you’re used to buying kiln dried logs in nets or small bags at supermarkets, garages etc

Often during winter you can find kiln dried logs in stores such as Tesco, BNQ, Aldi, Home Bargains, petrol stations etc – normally they are sold between £5-8 depending on if they’re on offer or not. The moisture content of the vast majority of these logs are stated as below 20% or 30% – this is the external moisture reading which can differ greatly when further in to the logs themselves, and there’s little consistency even with the same brands – you may pick up a good batch one time, and the next just smoulder giving off plenty of smoke and very little heat. In addition to this, invariably inferior hardwoods are used and more commonly softwoods, leading to fast-burning fires that require constant feeding.

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