What Size Log Store Do I Need?

The size of your log store is an important consideration when choosing your store.

If your store is too small, you risk not being able to hold enough logs to last you the season. This results in multiple purchases of firewood and not being able to take advantage of the savings purchasing in bulk offers.

Go too big, and you may simply be sacrificing important space and wasting your money on a log store that’s far too large for your needs.

To keep the decision simple we offer two sizes of log stores – small and extra large.

The stores are purpose built to cater for both types of users of wood burners:

The Small Log Store – if you’re a casual user who primarily uses your burner in the evenings and weekends, this is ideal for buying with our Small Crate of logs.

The Extra Large Log Store – if you use your stove intensively as a primary source of heat for your property, we recommend our extra large store that’s designed to hold our Extra Large Crate of logs, a very significant amount of logs.

For more advice such as where to position your store, or for more details on our log stores please visit our log stores section.