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Quality Log Stores Online

When storing kiln dried logs outside, it’s important to use a log store that’s open at the sides and rear, to ensure good airflow so that your logs can breathe.

Asides from selling our standard small log store here, we have partnered with a team of skilled British craftsmen to launch specialising in a range of larger log stores – a new smaller model plus a medium and large log store.

Focusing on quality, functionality and clean modern designs, we encourage all customers to browse the new range of models.

Railway Sleepers For Your Garden

Spruce Up Your Garden This Summer

After spending the last 5 years dedicating our efforts to producing high quality kiln dried logs, it felt natural to extend our expertise in to another closely related area to keep us busy during the summer months when tend to twiddle our thumbs a little too much!

If like us you are looking for something to do over summer and enjoy the occasional garden project, please visit our sister company and have a look around – we have some great raised bed kits and a range of size sleepers for any project from borders to garden walls.

Best regards,


Woodsure Certified Logs – What Does This Mean?

Our kiln dried logs are Warmsure Certified

Today we received our Ready To Burn Certificate of Approval from Woodsure who are part of HETAS – confirming the sample of logs they tested from us were less than 20% moisture.

In fact, the batch they selected at random when put through the oven dry method of moisture testing came out with an average of less than 11%. This is the most accurate method of determining moisture content.

It’s important to point out that our logs have always been less than 20% moisture due to the automatic kilns used to produce them – it is practically impossible for any to fall outside of these parameters.

However, we do realize that as users are becoming increasingly educated on the benefits of kiln dried logs and with the Woodsure certification becoming an industry standard that provides consumers with the confidence in the quality of firewood they are buying, we felt it important to be a part of the Woodsure scheme.

Thank you for your time and if you wish to read more about Woodsure please visit their website below:

Best wishes,

— Peter
Logs For Sale Ltd

Are Firewood Crates Getting Smaller?

Over the last few years we have noticed a trend within the online firewood industry were many companies are shrinking the sizes of their large or full crates.

We have seen our main competitors reduce the size of their large crates by up to 35%, meaning the end customer who may not realise the change of dimensions will not be expecting to receive a crate much smaller than previous years.

Not only does this make the logs more expensive when it may appear cheaper, but means customers must purchase again later in the season when their logs pile runs out much sooner than normal.

Why are companies shrinking their large crates?

There are 2 reasons:

  1. Reducing the size while still referring to the crate as large/full lends to the illusion that it’s better value for money, allowing companies engaging in such tactics to compete with each other in a never-ending war of reducing the size of their crates and trying to appear cheaper than each other
  2. Costs of raw materials are rising – it is a fact as many of our customers will know that the cost of sourcing raw materials and producing kiln dried logs does increase somewhat each year, as demand for properly kiln dried logs grows. By reducing the size of crates, companies can appear to still be retaining the same value as previous years when in fact this is not the case.

Why we will never shrink the size of our large crates

We feel both these reasons for reducing the size of large crates are misleading and can only lead to unhappy and confused customers.

We know those of you who purchase large crates do so for the sheer volume of logs and value it represents in comparison to smaller crates, and expect the same size crate each year.

Ultimately we believe in transparency and if rises in our production costs dictate a small price increase then we would much rather be honest about this and adjust the price than shrink our large crates.

We encourage customers who are tempted by or see cheaper priced large crates elsewhere to always check the quoted dimensions against ours.

— Peter
Logs For Sale Ltd

Spring Pricing – The Best Time to Purchase Your Logs

With our spring sale in full swing and plenty of chilly mornings and nights still ahead, we believe April is the best month to stock up for next season and still get use from your logs in the meantime.

As wood will only ever acclimatise to the surrounding relative humidity in the atmosphere, even when stored outside or in your garage, the moisture content of our logs will always remain below 15%.

The British climate simply doesn’t get humid enough (for long enough) for kiln dried logs to ever become “wet” again. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to personally thank all our customers who have joined us this past season, and look forward to supplying the same consistenty low moisture kiln dried logs the next time you need them, no matter what season it is. All year round.

Best wishes heading in to warmer weather from the team at, and don’t forget to spring clean your wood burning appliances  – our logs will go a tremendous way to keeping your flue and stove clean, but they still require a professional clean and sweep.



Winter’s Just Around the Corner

Our firewood being collected for delivery to customers homes throughout the UK
Our firewood being collected for home delivery to our customers throughout the UK

We have seen our first snow fall for the season today at our base in the East Riding of Yorkshire, as we send our kiln dried logs everywhere in the UK from customers down south in Brighton right up to Scotland and everywhere in-between.

With the forecasters predicting a long, hard winter, we’re working hard with our supplier to ensure we’re in full stock for the winter to ensure our logs are always in stock and ready for immediate burning.

Thank you to all of our current customers and we look forward to supplying you all throughout the winter season.

Best wishes going in to the winter from all the staff here.

Only 4x 2M3 Crates Left for August


We currently only have only 4 of our Extra Large Crates left while awaiting arrival of our winter stock from our producer, after which our summer sale will be over and they will revert back to the regular price of £279 in September.

With only 3 weeks to go until temperatures continue to decline, don’t miss out on our best value crate – approximately the equivalent of 4 “ton” bags and roughly 2.8m3 when loose.

Best wishes,


Natural Firelighters Back In Stock

firelightersWe are pleased to announce that our extremely popular natural firelighters are back in permanent stock, and we have secured an unlimited supply to last throughout the entire season.

If all you’ve used are paraffin firelighters in the past then these will be a real treat – made from a material called wood excelsior (essentially shredded wood), they are spun in to a thick wood wool rope which is dipped in wax to ensure a long burn, and then individually sliced to crate our firelighters.

The Cold Weather’s Almost Here

firewoodukAs the weather starts to get colder in the mornings and late evening as we head in to August, it’s the perfect excuse to stock up with firewood and enjoy a few logs in the evening before Autumn gets in to full swing and the burners find themselves getting used more often.

Today we have various packages of kiln dried logs awaiting collection due to be sent to London, Greater London, Middlesex and Berkshire, from pallets of 15 nets to our bulk bag and a 2m huge crate.

With our new Economy AM service you can receive your firewood from 8am-12, freeing up the rest of your day. We have also implemented tracking codes on every delivery which means your order can be tracked as soon as it’s on the way to the Palletways hub – we e-mail you the morning after dispatch with the tracking information.

All the best heading in to the cold,