Buying Firewood Online: 3 Things You Need to Know

We have compiled a list of 3 things we think you should know when choosing to buy your firewood online.

1. Bulk firewood is delivered on pallets

A driver pushes one of our 1m3 half crates close to a customers home.
A driver pushing one of our small crates close to a customers home.

When companies are sending firewood nationwide like we do, there’s only one way to deliver it – using national pallet networks such as Palletways or Palletline.

Delivery is usually made on a 7.5t or 18t vehicle with a tail-lift – the driver pushes your palletized order on to the tail-lift and lowers it to the ground, and providing the ground is smooth your firewood can be pushed with the pallet truck to a convenient place. In the worst case scenario the driver may need to leave it “kerbside”, which means by the side of the road near your property or down your cul-de-sac close to your driveway, for example.

With pallet networks having multiple hubs around the country, they are fast, affordable and efficient, meaning you can have your firewood delivered next day if you wish – very important during winter and you’re running low on stock! We offer customers free 2-day Delivery, Next Day, AM and Saturday deliveries for convenience, and even the option for your order to be left near your home or driveway without you present for delivery.

2. Carefully examine photos by the supplier

A close-up photo from the top of our small crates

When buying firewood online the most important thing asides security (more on that shortly..) is seeing good, close-up images of the logs you will be buying – if a company is using “stock” images with white backgrounds, with no close-ups of the logs themselves in order for you to assess their quality and dryness by looking for cracks in the wood, then we would advise staying clear – the firewood market is growing ever popular and not all producers follow strict quality control and standards.

We offer close-up shots of all of our firewood so you know exactly what you’re buying, and we don’t use generic stock images – we operate from our own warehouse, take our own calls and take photos of all of our products inside our warehouse ourselves. Much of the firewood available online is imported straight to fulfillment warehouses where staff are simply there to field calls and pick and pack items, without the skills or knowledge of firewood and operations run in this way are prone to quality issues.

We prefer to deal with everything in house to ensure we know exactly what we’re selling, what’s coming from our producers and what our customers will receive after purchasing their wood.

3. The Payment Stage is SSL-Secured

When directing to the payment form, there must be a padlock or security symbol in your address bar confirming the credit card details you enter are only being transferred to the payment provider themselves (such as SagePay), and not to pass through the suppliers website. This ensures your vital details are encrypted and you can be confident they’re safe.

We take payments through SagePay – the UK’s leading and most trusted online payment processor, to ensure our customers payment details are 100% safe and secure, and also utilizes new 3D secure technology such as Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode for added protection.