How Many Logs for Winter?

This is a common question from our customers that are new to wood burning, and it’s a good one; stacked firewood vs loose-filled bags are vastly different in the volume of logs they provide which can complicate matters further when you’re not sure what sort of volume of logs for winter you need in the first place!

Casual use – evenings and weekends

Generally speaking, casual use of wood burners (and by casual I mean using during the evenings and weekends) shouldn’t require any more than 2 cubic metres (loose) or 1 cubic meter stacked, give or take a little.

Our 1 cubic meter stacked crate (Small Crate) contains approximately 1.28m3 when loose.

Intensive use – morning, day and night

Using your wood burning all-day long uses a good amount of logs each day and generally requires between 3-4 cubic meters of loose logs per season, with the vast majority of our customers that burn intensively purchasing our Extra Large Crate – the equivalent to almost 3 cubic meter loose, which should last the winter season unless you have multiple stoves or are heating a rather large area.

It’s worth mentioning that our customers that use multiple stoves intensively often purchase 2 of our 2m3 Large Crates per season – by far the best way value-wise to purchase firewood is with our stacked crates.

View our kiln dried logs and find the solution that’s right for you.